Namn och kontaktuppgifter till mina referenser är borttagna här på hemsidan. Men vill du komma i kontakt med mina referenser är det bara att höra av dig till mig så ska jag ge dig kontaktuppgifterna.

“Mikael is inspirational and committed. He takes on new challenges with both seriousness and enthusiasm. His leadership skills are a great asset in working with complex issues and network-based activities that require a lot of coordination and communication. Mikael is also a person who takes responsibility for the whole in an organization, discover needs for improvement and come up with suggestions for solutions. I can with great pleasure recommend Mikael to future assignments and employers.”

Former employer at Sida/Zenit

“Mikael was my immediate manager during 2018 when I was accepted for the Sida Alumni program. I am very impressed by Micke and admire him a lot. His job was to encourage and support us in sharing emotional och important experiences of global development with schools and organizations. I learned a lot by watching and listen to him using pedagogical small details and tools on us while making us more skilled and inspired. I would very strongly recommend to have Mikael around as soon as you need someone to truly see the human beings in the room and their potential no matter what challenge or subject is presented. Thank you for being awesome!”

Former project participant at Sida Alumni

“Mikael managed to keep our team together and keep up the spirit in our staff inspite the difficult times our organization was going through. Mikael is friendly, supportive and managed to make everyone feel responsible and that we were all working towards the same goal. He managed the difficult task of keeping the up the progress in our work but never lose control of details or leaving loose ends.”

Former colleague at Swedish Red Cross Youth

“Mikael is a leader who leads by example. He is loyal to his colleagues, fights for what he believes and he is meticulous and careful to details. He trusts his co-workers to work hard, utilizing what they bring with them in abilities and strengths and is a great team leader. He is dedicated and principled and is very adament on making sure that the work environment is open, honest and allowing for different views and backgrounds.”

Former colleague at Sida/Zenit

“Mikael is a knowledgeable and creative person. He is very competent in managing projects and people. Mikael is good at listening to other people’s ideas, and taking them into account. At the same time he has the integrity to take another position, when necessary. I can highly recommend Mikael for any position he applies for.”

Former colleague at Sida/Zenit

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